What support does slubi offer?

The support we offer is based on your needs. We offer free consultation in the planning stages of your project, or if you have some specific, short questions about best practices or optimal tools.

We also offer more intensive project support for SEK800 per hour. There, we only count time when our experts are actively working with your project (including meetings), compute-time is free. This support is highly individual and depends on your needs.

We can run all bioinformatic analyses for you. Alternatively, if you want to run the analyses yourself but need help to get started, we can give expert advice or training. We can be there as a discussion partner for your whole project if you like.

We have no application deadlines, and projects are accepted continuously.

If you are interested, please contact us. We will then set up a first meeting with one of our experts. Once you have agreed with the expert to what analyses should be performed, a contract will be written. Once the contract is agreed upon, signed by the project’s PI, and submitted to SLUBI, the support can start.

During the support you will communicate with the expert via email and/or meetings as necessary. Our coordinator will also be available to support you if needed.