SLU’s bioinformatics infrastructure

Our goal

Our goal is to provide support and training in bioinformatics for SLU staff, and to build a strong community of bioinformaticians within SLU. Our staff is located on the 3 SLU campuses in Ultuna, Umeå and Alnarp. We want to join forces and coordinate teaching activities, common resources (hardware, software).

We also serve as a link to the broader bioinformatics community in Sweden, such as the National Bioinformatics Infrastructure Sweden, NBIS, facilitating collaboration and knowledge exchange.

Our team

We are a group of skilled bioinformaticians. Please klick on us to see more about our background.

Amrei Binzer-Panchal, bioinformatician in Ultuna (VH faculty): head of the infrastructure, and expert in analysing RNAseq, methylation data, microarrays, and 10x single cell RNAseq data.

Nicolas Delhomme, bioinformatician in Umeå (S faculty): head of the UPSC Bioinformatics Facility, expert in expression profiling and anything bioinformatics related.

Lizel Potgieter, bioinformatician in Alnarp (LTV faculty): our plant breeding, comparative genomics, population genomics, variant calling, genome assembly and annotation expert.

Adnan Niazi, bioinformatician in Ultuna (VH faculty): our expert in RNAseq, metabarcoding (16S/18S/ITS), epigenomics (WGBS/RRBS), genome assembly and annotation.

Abu Bakar Siddique, bioinformatician in Ultuna (NJ faculty): our expert in metagenomics, DNASeq, shotgun seq, metabarcoding (ITS), WGS analysis, read mapping, genome assembly and annotation. With wetlab experience in DNA, PCR and HTS library prep.