Our support services are tailored to meet your specific needs. We provide free consultation during the initial planning stages of your project or for addressing specific inquiries regarding best practices or optimal tools. Feel free to contact us for assistance or visit us in one of our our drop-in sessions.

Project support

We also offer more intensive project support for SEK800 per hour. This support is highly individual and depends on your needs. We can run all bioinformatic analyses for you, or be a sounding board for you or your students in the progress of your project.

If you require dedicated bioinformatics expertise for your project, you have the option to hire a bioinformatician for a specified duration.

Education and training

We offer a range of PhD and MSc courses on a multitude of bioinformatics topics. Check our list of past and present courses to see if something fits your interest. Most of these courses are on a recurring schedule.

Additionally, we organize seminars and workshops, shorter hands-on sessions on a selected range of topics. Notably, we have a recuring workshop session in collaboration with SLU’s Center for Statistics, the Basic Biostatistics & Bioinformatics Series. Here we explain basic statistics concepts, or introduce useful tools and techniques.

We also accommodate workshop requests based on demand. If there’s a specific topic you’re interested in or if you’re organizing a course and require bioinformatics instructors, please contact us.

Access to our services

We maintain an open application process, accepting projects on a rolling basis. To express your interest, simply contact us. We will then arrange an introductory meeting with one of our experts.

Once the project scope and requirements are agreed upon, a contract will be drafted, signed by the project’s principal investigator, and submitted to SLUBI to initiate support.

Throughout the support period, you’ll have direct communication with your designated expert via email and/or meetings as needed. Our coordinator will also be on hand to provide additional support if required.