Basic Biostatistics & Bioinformatics

practical concepts and coding for everyone

SLUBI and the SLU Centre for Statistics are bringing you a new series focused on R and applications in bioinformatics.

Mondays in even weeks, 09:45
Campus Alnarp, Horticum
or via Zoom (Password: 410 410)

We are starting a topic-driven discussion series where Adam Flöhr from the Centre for Statistics will discuss the statistical magic behind some of the common methods we use, and Lizel Potgieter from SLUBI will use data to show a hands-on example of how to execute the analyses.

All data and codes will be available at


Date Topic
13th Nov 2023 Introduction to R
27th Nov 2023 Linux Basics
11th Dec 2023 Theory and practice PCA
15th Jan 2024 Introduction to Markdown
12th Feb 2024 Population Structure
26th Feb 2024 Functions in R
11th March 2024 Introduction to Python
25th Match 2024 Introduction to Machine Learning
8th April 2024 Intermediate ggplot in R

We want to serve the SLU bioinformatics communities, so the floor to topic suggestions is open:

Please fill out this questionnaire to decide what you would like to hear (more) about.