Welcome to SLUBI

The SLU bioinformatics Infrastructure

Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet - Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Our main goal is to provide support and training in bioinformatics for SLU staff, and to build a strong community of bioinformaticians within SLU. Our staff is located on the 3 SLU campuses in Ultuna, Umeå and Alnarp. We want to join forces and coordinate teaching activities, common resources (hardware, software).


Bioinformatics support

How do I get bioinformatics support from SLUBI?

You have several solutions:
1. Write an email to slubi@slu.se
2. Get in contact with us during a drop-in session (see info below)
3. Join our Slack workspace and chat with us: SLUBI-Slack

We suggest that researchers contact SLUBI at an early stage to discuss the planned project, experimental design and what kind of support will be needed. Initial consultation is free. Subsequent SLUBI support and bioinformatics analyses cost 600 SEK/h.


Online drop-in session

Every Wednesday 13:00-14:00

Meet us in this Zoom room (Password: 410 410)

Before the pandemic, SLUBI organised bioinformatics drop-in sessions at all 3 SLU campuses for answering various bioinformatics questions around a fika. Now the drop-in goes online: all campuses at the same place and time! Come and join us with your questions or take the opportunity to gather and exchange experiences with other bioinformaticians.

About us

We are located at 3 SLU campuses, Alnarp, Ultuna and Umeå, and provide support to researchers from all 4 faculties: LTV (Faculty of Landscape Architecture, Horticulture and Crop Production Science), NJ (Faculty of Natural Resources and Agricultural Sciences ), S (Faculty of Forest Sciences) and VH (Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science).

Natoque Vitae

Organisation of the SLU Bioinformatics Infrastructure

Our team

Amrei Binzer-Panchal

Amrei Binzer-Panchal, director and coordinator (Ultuna)

RNAseq, methylation data, microarrays, 10x single cell RNAseq

Magna Nullam

Ganapathi Varma Saripella (AKA Varma), expert bioinformatician (LTV, Alnarp)

RNAseq, WGS, WES, GWAS, SNP-calling, annotation and data-mining

Natoque Vitae

Nicolas Delhomme, expert bioinformatician (S, Umeå)

Expression-profiling, High-Throughput sequencing (*-Seq), Gene Network Inference, Gene Regulation

Dolor Penatibus

Adnan Niazi, expert bioinformatician (VH, Ultuna)

RNAseq, Metabarcoding (16S/18S/ITS), Epigenomics (WGBS/RRBS), Genome assembly and annotation

Orci Convallis

Position to be filled (NJ, Ultuna)

Steering committee

Dirk-Jan de Koning

Dirk-Jan de Koning, chair of board (VH, Ultuna)

Anders Carlsson

Anders Carlsson, board member (LTV, Alnarp)

Stephanie Robert

Stéphanie Robert, board member (S, Umeå)

Johan Meijer

Johan Meijer, board member (NJ, Ultuna)

Computing resources

SLUBI computing resources:

We have computing resources at all campuses and will try to coordinate the management of these.

Computing resources for the Swedish research community:

We would like to remind that researchers can get computing resources for free by applying to SNIC (Uppmax and other clusters).

Cloud computing

SLU has an agreement with Microsoft Azure for cloud computing (including price discounts). You can get more information by contacting the IT-support

SLUBI on GitHub

SLUBI’s GitHub

Events and News

Upcoming and current events:

Analysis of High Throughput Sequencing RNA-Seq Data

(winter 2021)

Statistics seminar series, arranged by SLUs centre of statistics (ongoing)

More information here

Past events:

Bioinformatics course - Ultuna and online - autumn 2021

Course information here

Analysis of High Throughput Sequencing RNA-Seq Data - winter 2020

Bioinformatics course - Ultuna, spring 2020

Uppmax information meeting: 8 May 2019

Uppmax staff came to SLU for informing on how to use the free Uppmax computing resources.

R workshop 24th of September: SLUBI and the research school GS-VMAS jointly organised a R-day for researchers and supervisors.


SLUBI day on the 4th of June 2018


Kick-off meeting 27th of October 2017

SLUBI’s Kick-off meeting group_pic